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  1. inuyashalove04 Jul 09, 2015

    Ok...after 5 years and no new posts, I'm done with this group. Besides, I think everyone has left anyway. Anyone who shows back up, and want to chat; come over to my page!

    Love you all,


  2. zofus Mar 14, 2010

    Sometimes i stop by :]

  3. inuyashalove04 Feb 17, 2010

    Anyone still here?

  4. zofus Nov 19, 2009

    Heyy! :]

    Wow I haven't talked to you in awhile, and yes you did tell me about him. That one guy you showed me a picture of? Cute. Are you still togeather even though you moved? Also, do you have a way I can get in touch with Crystal? That is if you ever get back online here. :P

    Yeah, I don't know it just started to bore me.. But that's okay, even if the wild monkies attack, we still have eachother :] So don't worry about missing the randomness ^-^


    So I leave for a few days and what, they completely change the website lol. I have to say I like the old one better.. maybe because I'm used to it but the layout was more attractive, even if this one is more mature... :]]

  5. imconfused Oct 10, 2009

    Ahhh Zofus is leaveing T.T

  6. inuyashalove04 Aug 06, 2009

    Ah...zofus-chan! You're leaving us? :( Well, it's understandable if you aren't into anime anymore. Why keep coming to an anime website, if you don't like anime? I understand. I've found it hard to like any of the new anime that's out myself. I've found myself watching my older ones like Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, and Inuyasha. I'm still watching Bleach and Naruto online but other than that...nothing else has stuck my interest. It's like...the story lines just aren't catching and repetitive. I do have myspace, but I'm rarely on there. ^_^' I'll look you up the next time I'm on there. But if you want too, you can look me up first. I'm there as inuyashalove04 too. Hopefully we'll be able to talk again. I miss the randomness of our conversations. :D

  7. Ichigo594061 Aug 06, 2009

    Wutzz uppp? :D like omg its like been 4ever since i been on here! <.< >.> ^-^ so happy 2 b back on here! >.> oo zofus i never told u about my bf from last year at school ^.^' it kinda slipped my mind and i 4got. O.o and im tell u this now idk XD i should of told u when we first started going out. O.o and im kinda happy that i stayed with him 4 almost a year no cuz r 1 year is in aug. :( and zofus im movving. WAHHHHHHHHHHH! :'( i dont want 2 leave florida i have so many good friends here.

  8. zofus Aug 03, 2009

    YEah she's a lot better now :]]

    So.. I think I'm just going to stop comming on MT... Odviousally I don't really get on anymore but when I do it's all mostly seems pointless now. I lost my anime/manga addiction sometime in 7th grade and now dont really even like it, so I cant relate to 80% of anything here.

    I know this group was made intended so my friends could come on over a year ago, but even though at school they were so excited and talked about it, they never did come on as we all can see lol. So it feels like there's no meaning here except to talk to you two (who are amazing but it just doesnt seem like our conversations lead to anywhere).

    So if either of you have a myspace or facebook or anything PLEASE add me I'm on that more often (and hold better conversations haha)


    i'll be on every now and then but other then that....
    Love ya two, byebye<333333

  9. imconfused Jul 03, 2009

    at least you have work i dont have that im just lying around T.T
    but my cusoin is comeing over for a week so thatall be fun ^^

    merged: 07-04-2009 ~ 05:13pm
    HAPPY JULY 4th

  10. inuyashalove04 Jul 03, 2009

    Yea...I get a 15% discount on anything in the store but...I just don't shop there. The prices are ridiculously high there. We didn't stop by Sarasota, but we did go by. We went to Fort Myers Beach. We went there of all places because my aunt and uncle live there. So, you got a budgie huh? I had a bird for a took it a while to get used to the family and new environment, but it calmed down and wasn't scared after a month; probably sooner. So, how's the bird doing now?

    Wasting away in boredom? Sounds like me. Besides work, I've got nothing new here.

  11. imconfused Jun 28, 2009

    oh oki idont know much about birds lol

    so whats every one up to

    im wasting away in bordom

  12. zofus Jun 25, 2009

    mhmm, those little parakeets

  13. imconfused Jun 25, 2009


  14. zofus Jun 05, 2009

    What do you mean? like not being on in forever? Just busy I guess...

    Awww :[ What about discounts on cloaths? I'm trying to find a bright side here....
    You should stop by sarasota :), whre are you going here?

    I got a budgie :]] She's cute but really scared.. idk what to do about it

  15. inuyashalove04 Jun 03, 2009

    Congrats on the boyfriend.
    Nothing new happening with me, except work. I think it's killing me. -_- But in two weeks I am going to Florida for vacation! I haven't been to Florida in the last 3 years. I can't wait to get back down there! XD

    There is no happy feeling when you help the people at Rural King. Those people are rude and irritating. :angry: But, the people I work with aren't too bad. I can atleast tolerate them. ^_^'

  16. imconfused May 30, 2009

    thanks but u didnt say what was up with u?

  17. zofus May 27, 2009

    Aww that sucks.. but yeah, at least u have a job :]]]
    And at least you get that good happy feeling of helping someone in need?

    Congrats, happy bday :)

  18. imconfused May 21, 2009

    that sound like it sucks i no how it is inui
    what should i do for my B-day?
    whats new with everyone else?

  19. inuyashalove04 May 15, 2009

    Yay, the two of you are back! :D

    I'm fine too. I got a new job at Rural King, in the clothing department. It sucks! I am not a people person, and I have to help people all day long. I've only been there a week, and I already hate it. But...I guess a job is a job. :)

  20. imconfused May 13, 2009

    im fine relly busy to lol finished my turm

  21. zofus May 08, 2009

    Hello, I'm alive :)
    Just been really busy with.. life
    So.. how are you two?

  22. inuyashalove04 Feb 28, 2009

    Well, if you love history, then I'm glad that you're majoring in something that you like.

    merged: 04-11-2009 ~ 08:30pm
    Just spreading word about the contest going on at the Sasuke-and-Naruto group. Under my sig and quote, you can find the link for the contest. Please! We need the help! It's very easy to do; just pick your fave three and write the answer down in the thread.

    merged: 04-29-2009 ~ 09:40pm
    Guys...we really need to get this club active again! If we don't, this group will be deleted because of inactivity. Just a warning to everyone.

  23. imconfused Feb 20, 2009

    cuse i love history spicificly from the copper age to the end of the roman empiere B.C.E. in the mediteranian areas and eurasia
    there were lots of important invitions and phlosophies and other cool stuff it just a relly sweet time period
    i mean i was good at criminal justice but its what my dad wanted me to do and i can still use it as a fall back plan

  24. inuyashalove04 Feb 19, 2009

    Yea, nothing new at all. But, that's normal for my small town and my boring life. I'm looking for a new job, but that's it.
    So, you decided to major in history huh? Any reason why you choose history?

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